A prayer and rejoice to the Lord! Study six

Dear Heavenly Father,

Yes, you are the Lord of Lord and the King of Kings, you are the Great I Am. So, for that we sit by your feet to bless your name. I am so proud that you knitted me in my mothers’ womb. That you knew the plans you had for me before I was even thought of. That no part of me is a mistake. That you have me in your hands and no one can take me from them. That your love goes so deep and far. Because you loved me you made it so my sins can be washed away with your son being the one to bare them all. I know that there is not one part of my life that you are not a part of. Even when the road of life is hard, and we think you are no ware to be found. You are working in the mist of it all. I love that you orchestrate my steps. That I can count it all a joy when troubles come my way for you are building endurance for my long race of life. That no matter what No weapon will form against me. I know that you give me grace and mercy. That I am proud to sit at your cross and share the GOOD News of your son to the world. I know while I sit at the cross, I can cast all my worries. Your love and care will show up with all power for you to take care of every one of my worries. That Tomorrow is something that I do not need to think of for you have shared you will take care of it. Just like you take care of the birds, trees, and flowers.  I know that you are a way maker for all your children no matter where we are in life if we believe in your son. I know there is power in your words like no other. I am thankful that I can rejoice in the valley for there is always a lily in the valley. That can show me that you are with me I pray for the world, the leaders that oversee any area of the world, and people that do not know you as you do want the best for all. That all you ask of us is that we believe in your son. Who did all the work for us to be forgiven? That are sins are no more because he came to take them from us. I am your child. I am favored by you. I am proud to carry my cross. I am hopeful because I know the love you have for me. I know this world has trouble however, you came to save us from it. Thank you for your will and your word. That shares if we follow you and read your word, we can ask anything in your name, and you will grant it to us. If it is your will. I am thankful that your word is like a double edge sward. I am blessed for you love me no matter what. I pray that anyone that reads this prayer they believe that they can be thankful for these words to you. Not because I wrote then to you because you give me the words to pray with others. To show them no matter what we are going through you are in the mist of it all. I pray that they see your love is real and true no matter what is going on in their life. That you will be with them for all there days of their life. I know you are working to make the wrongs of this world right. I know you are shaking us up for because there will be a time that your son will come back. And for that you really do not want anyone of us not to be with you in your kingdom to live with you forever. I praise your Glories name Lord. Thank you again for letting me be the one to have words for the world. I know I just want to stand behind the old rugged cross and praise your name to the world. I love you with all my heart. I pray that this words to you show the world that you are the only true light and way. Blessed be your name!


I pray all of this in your son’s name Jesus Christ AMEN!

I ask you today if you are looking for more of what I must share with the world not only do you follow me here on my blog post but find me on your favorite podcast player. For my last podcast shares with you what does the words I Am mean.   I Do believe that God has me in a place today to share the GOOD NEWS of him with the world.

My podcast is called Struggling Blessed but not alone. Here is the link for the last pod cast I have done. Also, if you feel like my words will help someone else, please share it. For you never know what you may start in a person’s life for sharing the Good News of our Lord and Savior.

May God be the glory for all that I share.


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Hello There, I am a very spiritual person. My identity in Christ alone. I am a Christian however, I have a relationship with the Lord. I am not a writer. I am just someone who wants to share my story with others. I was told that I should write a book one day. Therefore, I figured I would start a blog. I am also not a great writer so, with that I figured. The only way to get better is to start writing. They say practice makes perfect. so, lets see where it goes. I hope you enjoy my blog. Mistakes and all. I am a work in progress. :)

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