Be kind always

Love this….copied from a friend.

My dad has bees.🐝Today I went to his house and he showed me all of the honey he had gotten from the hives. He took the lid off of a 5 gallon bucket full of honey and on top of the honey there were 3 little bees, struggling. They were covered in sticky honey and drowning. I asked him if we could help them and he said he was sure they wouldn’t survive. Casualties of honey collection I suppose.
I asked him again if we could at least get them out and kill them quickly, after all he was the one who taught me to put a suffering animal (or bug) out of its misery. He finally conceded and scooped the bees out of the bucket. He put them in an empty Chobani yogurt container and put the plastic container outside.
Because he had disrupted the hive with the earlier honey 🍯 collection, there were bees flying all over outside.
We put the 3 little bees in the container on a bench and left them to their fate. My dad called me out a little while later to show me what was happening. These three little bees were surrounded by all of their sisters (all of the bees are females) and they were cleaning the sticky nearly dead bees, helping them to get all of the honey off of their bodies. We came back a short time later and there was only one little bee left in the container. She was still being tended to by her sisters.
When it was time for me to leave we checked one last time and all three of the bees had been cleaned off enough to fly away and the container was empty.
Those three little bees lived because they were surrounded by family and friends who would not give up on them, family and friends who refused to let them drown in their own stickiness and resolved to help until the last little bee could be set free.
Bee Sisters. Bee Peers. Bee Teammates. ❣️
We could all learn a thing or two from these bees. 🐝 🐝 🐝

I did not write this I should add, but love it. Bee kind always.

When God whispers to you from under the bed The Tommy Jackson story!

Tommy Jackson (Final).jpg

Do we really know someone? We can Google a person. We can talk to others about a person; however, do we really get to know someone sometimes. We see all the titles by a person’s name a lot of times and say, “I want what they have.”

Today I want to share a story about a Man by the name of Tommy Jackson. I can give you to websites where you can read his bios and see what the world wants to see. Tommy is a phenomenally successful man. Mr. Jackson has a lot of money and is doing well as the world sees he is. Well, today I am going to say YES! He is doing simply fine. Nevertheless, it is not because he is a worldly man at all. He has talked to many schools, agencies, companies, and many important places about his life success by the world’s standards. But that is not the story I want to share with you all currently. The story that I want you all to hear is one of great faith and obedience to the Lord. Our Heavenly Father. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth at all. If you really want to know he was born into a life of Hell. As he tells it the story that is. At an early age He really had to see things that no little boy should see. His mother was faced with a husband that was not nice and that is me just being really kind. Now Tommy does love his family with all his heart. Within his lifetime he has learned a lot of lessons to be a humble and forgiving man. Even so that does not come without a life of so much fear and wondering why this life. I really cannot give the story the justice it needs by putting words on a page. So, as I do so well can you come and join me in my journey and listen to his story. By Tommy Jackson himself. I am so glad to invite you to click on the link below. And listen to my latest podcast with my new friend from Clubhouse. Please grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink sit back and listen to Mr. Tommy Jackson Come and get the story by him how he did not waver in learning all that he needs to find his voice in this world by The GREAT IM.

Yes, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. Shows up for him right on time. Tommy has a great bio for the world however, I am so honored that he shared with me the greatest story of his life His blessings story that God gave him for just seeking him out. This life that Tommy has is not easy at all. He knows when to sit down and go to the Garden where Adam was. He knows that there are days that are dark in his life, but he then will take it all to The Lord and not only Pray-talk to God, but he also knows to bring it to the Lords Throne 

Happy happy birthday one year to my daddy who is up in heaven. Celebrating his first year with JesusHappy happy birthday one year to my daddy who is up in heaven. Celebrating his first year with Jesus

Good morning daddy. Happy birthday to you up in heaven. I do miss you so much. However I know you’re up there with the Lord of Lord and King of Kings. Our last year here on earth was so very sad for the struggles were hard and tough. But I know it’s all worth it because now you’re in heaven with your heavenly father. I miss you so much I love you so wholeheartedly. One day I know we’ll see each other again. I know you’re in a better place and your later years are better than your earlier years. However I miss you but wanted to say happy birthday daddy I know you’re up there saying please don’t cry for time is only a blink away we’ll see each other again. Yes life up here in heaven is so amazing perfect clean and pure. Spending time with Jesus is better than anyone could’ve ever imagined or read about. It’s all true everything in the Bible is totally true. I know that’s what you’re saying up there in heaven you’re saying we get to read about it but you get to live it. I love you dearly and miss you miss you miss you I know you’re having an exciting time with grandma grandpa and your brother uncle Bobby. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday on your new birthdate spending eternity with Jesus Christ. I love you and miss you your oldest daughter teresa

He shed his blood on Calvary for you and me

The Blood (feat. Chandler Moore, Nicole Binion & Ryan Ofei) – Maverick … via @YouTube his grace and mercy are sufficient for me! My struggle is real but my God is sufficient for me. He died on the cross to save me from my sins as well as for you. His blood is sufficient blood is everlasting. He loves you and me no matter the storm the struggle to hardship. I will always have faith and know his death on Calvary was not wasted. He loves me and you unconditionally I pray I pray tonight you hear this and understand these words in the song are so true and alive my God my God

He will show up right on time. I pray tonight as I speak this text into my WordPress page you listen to the song and know his blood is sufficient for you.

Dear Heavenly Father

Thank you oh thank you Lord. For what you have done with your son on Calvary’s cross for me and my readers. For all that believe and have faith and love you and your son. Your sons life on Calvary was not wasted. For so may not understand however I pray they do for I love you truly and know you’re coming right on time. For my Lord and Savior I thank you for setting your blood for me. For truly understanding and coming right on time. For knowing my storm my struggle my hardship my love for you your love for me is everlasting. My words my texts my messages may not totally be perfect however who was who is who will always be your son Jesus who died on Calvary for me and for this world. For he was perfect and sinless and truly blameless. But the world blamed him for all when all he did was come for this world to save us. The Lamb of God who takes away our sins. Yes father I thank you for all I thank you for everything in Jesus name I pray amen

The storm is large but let me share God has done it before he’ll do it again!The storm is large but let me share God has done it before he’ll do it again!

It is about three am in the morning. it never fails I have been woken up. I did not think I would be writing on my blog page tonight. I was awakened because I have added another panic attack. For most of you all I want to share that I have now been having these attacks for a few months. My life has not gotten easier not at all. I have tried and tried my best to do all that I can. But my storm is not going away anytime soon. I still do believe that God is Fighting for me.   I do know that God is in control. I just think – believe that his plans so big for my life. I am not sure why this fight in my life has been going on for so long. I do want this to be over wit as well. Nevertheless, the storm is not changed but, I will not stop having faith in My God. I am writing to you tonight because as I sit here and try to work out my panic attack. I got an alert on my phone from this blog. Someone has sent me a message saying that they like my blog called Fighting for us.

Again, As I was trying to just work out my panic attack. So, I grabbed my cell phone to see what my message said for that post. It brought tears to my eyes.

If I can say my thoughts are still the same as that night or early morning that I wrote that post. God has a plan for me as well as he has a plan for you. You may not be in a struggle or maybe you are.

No matter what you are facing today know no matter how long that struggle-storm is lasting. And if you are following me for any point of time. You see that my struggle is not getting any easier in fact, I have been struggling more and more.

However, and this may be a fact to hold on to as you read my words of struggle. Please know GOD is working on your struggle-storm.

I will not believe any different. I can share I have been fighting in this struggle for more than I would like to be. I am and have been crying out too many to help me. As I have also been crying out to my God, (my lord and savior).

People love me; however, I have gotten less and less help as time has gone by. My church I hate to say I feel has not helped me as well. But I am not mad at anyone for I know the plans God has for me is greater than anyone can imagine. I do not know why no one has helped me from this point but, what I will say I do know all of them the people that I have spoken with for help. I do pray that they are at least praying for me to have a change in my longtime struggle-storm.

As I write this to you all out there in this world. Please understand God is working it out. For I will never lose my faith in My God.

I as I write this, I have asked my Alexa device to play a song or two.

Guess what it was or still is out of the box.  Let me share I did ask her to play just a song from my favorite artist which is Anthony Evans. I really thought Fighting for us would come up. But it did not the song that did was or is called Do it again. 

As I sit here and write I am listening to the song with crying. For you must listen to the words to it.

I feel that tonight this is just another sign that God is in the mist of it all.

He is working it out I do not like the struggle or how it has lasted so long. However, I do not look at the signs that I got tonight as nothing.

He God is listening to me. I do not hear from him as much as I use to. But that will never stop from knowing that he has me in the palm of his hand.

He has all of us there in his palm and let me share no one can pull us from his palm.

Yes, my storm is getting harder the waves of this storm are making me sick. However, he did it before the God will do it again. I Know this for shore. I am not sure at all when my storm will end but I need you to know as you may be going through something as well. Just hang on 

My faith and my strength in the Lord will not waver.

I pray as you read this post and other blog posts from me. You hang on too. If your struggle is hard. Even if your struggle is not there yet. I pray you never have a struggle but, God states that if we are his children in this world, we will have a trial or two,

One may be asking how you do stay faithful as this struggle has gone on for so long.

Well, my answer is just with what Anthony Evans is singing with this song do it again.

I have seen him work time and time again no matter the answer God has made it work out better than I could have ever done or imagine.

Yes, I have lost my sight truly now being almost totally blind. I do not like it for sure.

However, God said in his word that he knows the plans he has made for me. He knows or knew me before I was in my mothers womb. He may take his time but, As the song says Anthony Evans is singing it so well. In my home I have it as loud as I can at this time of the morning.

I know the night will not last. Jesus you are still enough. I will sing your praises again. Your promise still stands. I am still in your hands. I know the God will never fail me.

I pray that you know this as well.

I do believe. I have known doubt that we will see God work it out for his glory. For my storm is larger than I would ever want it to be or last. When my storm has passed. I will be able to show all of you that there is a god. That God worked it out and there will be no one to give credit to other then God. 

That all the people that I have cried out to knew that it was God. There will be no one that can take the credit for my storm changing.

I pray as you read this you if you are not a believer you understand. That we are in this world for really a short time so please rethink about finding God. Learning about him and his son. I promise you and I do not like to promise anything. For because I know a promise is a big thing in my book.

No matter what you are going through the God will get you through it.

I know my struggle is big and going on for longer than I want it too. My panic attacks are not good. however, and I know I keep on saying however but please let me share HE IS THEREFOR YOU the God is really going to work it all out. I know this for sure no matter how hard this storm is. No matter how long it takes I will have faith in my lord. My trust is not waving my love for him Jesus is growing bigger and bigger. I can say this for I have seen him work before so I know he will work again. Yes, Anthony tonight you sing it to me He did it before he will do it again. 

I pray your storm does not last if mine has. I pray for you that you hear my words. Truly believe and have faith in him. Jesus died for us; the Jesus will cry out with you in prayer for God to answer your prayer. If you can hold on, he knows what he is doing. I know this storm is very large, but my lord is bigger than it. I pray for Peace for you and myself. Just keep speaking with him in prayer, get out your bible and just read even if you do not understand it. Ask him for all you need. Believe me I do this too. I am writing to you while I am in a struggle- storm. mine has lasted for more time than I want it too. But again, I will just keep on believing that God has it. I am not Job, but I will keep my faith and on my God. I love you all. I do not know when or how it will end. BUT I do know it is for his Glory and nothing will be wasted. He will give you back all the time that the storm was had taken from you.


Dear Heavenly Father,

I do not like this storm. I do not like the panic attacks. But I do know you have me in the palm of your hand. I will stay faithful to you. I will keep on sharing that you will come through for me. As well, as you will come through for any of your children. I know you’re not one to take more time than you need to. No matter how I hate how long this is taking. My trust in you is growing my story of faith is growing as well. I know you will give me back all the time it took to get through this storm. I pray for my readers they see that my storm is large, but I just keep sharing that you are larger than it. That if I can do it with you by my side they can too. That you do know what you are doing. Please just give me and them the peace we need to get through it all. Please father as well as I do netspeak about the bad things that are going on you protect me from anyone that may feel like they know your plans for me better than they do. That you are my protector all and through it all. That I can walk in this world being safe with you and only your protection over me. That no weapon will come over me. I know we are in the palm of your hands. I thank you for that. Please help your children that do not have the strength to see your hand in their life. Thank you for ending this storm right on time. 

Love you always your child. 

In your son’s name Jesus Christ Amen


God Has A plan

Today as I have not written on my blog for a while, I do know that God has a plan for my life. I may not know what that plan is but, I will always trust in him. He tells us in his word, Matthew 6:33-34 ESV but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. “Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

with just that verse I know He has this. Do I wonder how I will make it? Somedays I do however, I need to remember I first and for most I am his child. He made me in his image. Here is that fact in his word Genesis 1:27,So God created mankind in his own image, in

the image of God he created them man and woman.

Can I share as I am writing this for you? I am writing this for myself. The journey of my life is not easy at all. I am sure as I document this to you. I am sure you are thinking your life is not easy as well.

I do not care what you have in this world if you have any Belief in the Lord. He will share with you. That in this world we will have troubles. But that promise is not all that he shares in telling us that fact. I will not give it my own spin let me share another fact from his word. That will seal that promise r troubles are real in this world, but he has us for sure. You can find this promise in. John, (16:33), it says – “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

As I read that scripter for myself, I do know that the peace I have is because he overcame the world. When he was on earth. I know he has my back. I hope as I do have real struggles and share them with you. You understand that I do know he is going to move mountains for his children. I can only share I am in this world so at times I do know it gets hard for all of us. That to believe in a God that you cannot see maybe hard for some of you. But my faith no matter how I feel is so much stronger. That I have seen so much change in my life in a blink of an eye helps me to keep on believing in my Lord. 


As I have written for years my struggles have not gotten easier yet, but he is still bringing me through it all. Some of you may be asking how do you see that?

I as I have always shared, I wake up with thanksgiving. I have a roof over my head, I have food on the table, I need for no one to take care of me except for the Lord. I may want people in my life, so I am not physically alone however, I am not alone for my God has supplied all that I need each day. Even has given me somedays more than others. As I have loss my sight, he has provided me with ways to learn braille and other skills I need when no one else in the correct places has helped me.

You may be asking what that does last statement mean well if you have not listened to my last podcast. I share that my storm is getting larger, but God has a way of providing in many ways. I have been working with the state agency for a while now. I have made it clear the needs I do have; however, they do   not know how to do their jobs I feel at this time. Which is incredibly sad for anyone with a disability? As I have shared with them, I need blind skills to help me go back to work they just cannot get there stuff together. Even sharing in some cases I believe they really are not wanting to help for the government does not care to help in the correct ways. I know this is a large statement for me to make however, I have not gotten any real help from them. All they want to do is give excuses. But when God is in control there is no way not to have mountains move with just a little try. I have gotten help from others within the Clubhouse APP> God has provided me to have the things I need by sharing my story on this app. It is not me at all. For I may be sharing my story however, God will get things done his way to show us that he can do anything when you just trust in him. My life is hard, and I see no way out somedays but as I stated in the beginning of this blog today. He will make a way. So, please stay in prayer for your struggles to be over come because he over came the world and gave us peace in doing so.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring but I trust in my Lord to take care of me. I pray you do too. 

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today as I am writing this blog to the world. I pray they see that you are true and real. You do not promise anything that you cannot fulfill. It is just in your timing for your promises to come to pass for your children. I am so glad no matter my struggle I know you are going to provide for me. Yes, I at times worry where I should have no worry. Forgive me for that. I just ask for your hand over anyone that is not as strong as myself to see that you will come right on time for us. I know that my crying is real but at least I know I am crying out to you with Jesus on my side. I currently pray anyone that is having tears of fear that you wipe away them and give them the peace they need. I know my journey is real and it will be shared for your glory. Please I ask you to let my message go out to anyone that is hurting and needs to see that you are there for them. That as I hurt you are in the mist of it all. That my words of faith strengthen them with your son.

Thank you for all that you are going to do for me and your children in the days to come. That we need not to worry about tomorrow for you got it. It is in your timing.

Thanks for your blessing on me and my readers.

In your sons’ glorious name Jesus Christ AMEN  

Did you know who the church really is? It’s you.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: We are the church Dash help is on the way

Here is this weeks episode. I hope you enjoy. I think you’ll learn a lot. It’s just my thoughts. As always I’ve got a spin on something. Please enjoy it. Share it. Like it. Follow me. On my WordPress page as well as in my podcast page. Thank you to anyone who has been following. Thank you to anyone who has been supporting me. Thank you for listening. Just thank you for being you. Thank you Lord for all you’ve done. For God will make a better place for all. We just need to have faith believe trust hope and believe.

All I can say is yes help is on the way thank you Lord!

Good morning! Today as always is an amazing blessing day. God is always working in the mist of it all. All I can say is my life is hard my struggles are real. But God comes right on time. This song by TobyMac really sets the tone for the life that I have and how I wait on God and he always comes right on time. As I talk listen to my phone today my word press message. All I wanna share is this amazing song because it means so much in my life today. My words may stumble my life may be hard I’m not perfect at all. But I know my God comes right on time. He comes right on time for you to. Do not give up on God because he has not given up on you.

Just know that God is for you and not against you. He does really come right on time. For I do not know what tomorrow will bring. That’s not my concern. As God says in his world do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough trouble of its own. I will hold onto all the verses I can know that my God is real and true. I will share it with the world forever and always. How God works in the mist of it all. How Jesus is right there alongside of us walking crying sharing our hearts and sorrows. God knows what he’s doing he created us. Always remember that. He just knows it and all I can do is share it with the world. No matter what the church is done or people have done. Always remember God is not really the church it’s the people that come together in the sanctuary who are. Let’s work together to be a better church. To bring more souls to Christ.

I will pray for everyone and all. If I am no better than you. God has created all of us. We need to work together. To bring glory for his name and for him. I love my Lord so much. No matter what I go through. He’s always been there. He always comes right on time. I pray you listen to this song. And dance along with me. For God is amazing. As I will not fix this text into my phone for my word press page. I just wanted to share off-the-cuff my thoughts my thank you’s to the Lord. Loving this song completely thank you TobyMac for writing it. I know he’ll never understand what his song is done for me. But God does and I hope you listen to the words and really get it in your spirit. God is coming right on time. Again