All I can say is yes help is on the way thank you Lord!

Good morning! Today as always is an amazing blessing day. God is always working in the mist of it all. All I can say is my life is hard my struggles are real. But God comes right on time. This song by TobyMac really sets the tone for the life that I have and how I wait on God and he always comes right on time. As I talk listen to my phone today my word press message. All I wanna share is this amazing song because it means so much in my life today. My words may stumble my life may be hard I’m not perfect at all. But I know my God comes right on time. He comes right on time for you to. Do not give up on God because he has not given up on you.

Just know that God is for you and not against you. He does really come right on time. For I do not know what tomorrow will bring. That’s not my concern. As God says in his world do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough trouble of its own. I will hold onto all the verses I can know that my God is real and true. I will share it with the world forever and always. How God works in the mist of it all. How Jesus is right there alongside of us walking crying sharing our hearts and sorrows. God knows what he’s doing he created us. Always remember that. He just knows it and all I can do is share it with the world. No matter what the church is done or people have done. Always remember God is not really the church it’s the people that come together in the sanctuary who are. Let’s work together to be a better church. To bring more souls to Christ.

I will pray for everyone and all. If I am no better than you. God has created all of us. We need to work together. To bring glory for his name and for him. I love my Lord so much. No matter what I go through. He’s always been there. He always comes right on time. I pray you listen to this song. And dance along with me. For God is amazing. As I will not fix this text into my phone for my word press page. I just wanted to share off-the-cuff my thoughts my thank you’s to the Lord. Loving this song completely thank you TobyMac for writing it. I know he’ll never understand what his song is done for me. But God does and I hope you listen to the words and really get it in your spirit. God is coming right on time. Again

YOU ARE ….. Yes YOU ARE…..

In this week’s podcast.  I share a little of my life story with you all.  I also give a lot of encouraging words.  At this time, I want to give you all some words of encouragement to stand on anytime you need it. I pray this blog helps you if you are feeling down or just need a little bit of positive words to get you through your day.

Pease enter your name everywhere you see the word YOU.

You are a Master Peace.

You are perfectly Made.

You are a child of the highest God.

You are a great Mother or Father.

You will get through it No matter what it is.

You are beautiful.

You are handsome.

You are funny even if no one laughs at your jokes.

You are the Head and not the tail.

You are blessed and highly favored.

You are a great daughter or son.

Your latter years are better than your earlier years.

You are a joy to be around.

You will pass that test.

You will finish that report.

You are a great friend.

You are a good mentor -leader.

You are healed.

You are a good spouse.

You will get that new job.

You are one in a million.

You are Rich in life.

You are important.

You are smart.

You are special to all.

You are correct.

You are loved.

You are going to do it whatever it is.

You are lovable.

You are strong.

You are sweet, kind, and friendly.

You are helpful.

You are looking good.

You are the life of the party.

You are never alone.

You are a prince or princess.

You are the best one for that job.

Your hair is looking good.

You are the sunshine everyone wants to be around.

You can sing and dance.

 You are a good grandmother or grandfather.

You will get out of debt.

You can do all things with Christ who strengthens you.

Well, I pray that this helps you through your day. Smile for you have a great one. If you were smiling at the beginning of this blog. I pray you are now full of even more joy. If you were a little sad. I pray that you are smiling now and full of joy. I love and care about you. I want you to know you are all of that and more.  You are that and a bag of chips. 😊 If you would like to hear more from me.

Please listen to my podcast. I know it will help you in your walk of life. For today I want to thank you all. For you all are helping me as well.  My life is fuller because of you checking in and up on what I have to share. May God always get the glory for it all.  I am nothing with out my Lord and savior.

Just know God really wants the best for you. No matter what this world tells you.

If you want to add to this post. More words of encouragement feel free to comment. We all need as much as we can get in today’s times.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you! For all that you do for us each day. I am so proud to honor you today and every day. Thank you for giving us your son on that cross for our sins. The gift of grace and mercy is the best gift I could ever get. Thank you, father.

In your son’s Name Jesus Christ Amen!

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My Next Steps In my struggles!

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Hello to All,

Hope you all are doing well; I have been struggling with my next blog post to you all. Nevertheless, as I have been in prayer to get my next one up. The one thing I have learned in my short time of blogging. Is that God has to lead me in every step of writing each week. I have been speaking with my Pastor friend Willie on my next topic. We hit on a subject that has been brewing in my heart and mind for a while. Which was doing a podcast-YouTube channel. I have asked you all at one point to pray for me in doing this next step. Thank you if you have added me to your prayers for this or anything. I am always grateful for the prayers. I can share with you all about a week or two ago. I got a text message from Willie’s wife Terri. About how to set up a podcast. She, Terri out of the blue heard a message and sent it my way. I listened to the podcast and then told her. That I did not think I was ready to do this next step. Of course, we text back and forth on my thoughts and hers for me. Terri shared with me that she has heard me speak and thought it would be a great next step. I told Terri that I did not feel ready to do a podcast. Hence, God is amazing. For as I have been struggling with my next blog post. It has given me time to play with the idea of setting one up. God always shows up for you when you say no not yet or never going to happen.

I do have another friend who has helped me work on my blog posts and my writing journey. She has encouraged me for a while to get one up and running., We always shared that I had to stay in prayer about it. Well, tonight I can share with you all. That I have set one up. Now there is not a podcast episode up yet. I have just launched it and put up a trailer that shares what the podcast will be about. Also, that it is coming soon. I am almost sure that I will have my first podcast episode up in the next week or earlier. So, I pray if you are a follower you check it out and maybe enjoy it just as much if not more. And want to subscribe to it. I pray that it shows people that God is not only my source, but he is my resource. That no matter your struggles God will get you through them all. As I know I have been on this journey to start writing my life story. I think that God wants me to get this next plat form going. To show his glory in my life no matter what is going on in my struggles. I know that I may not have shared with you all. that is, that I would love to be a motivational speaker. So maybe this is just Gods plan to get this going for his again glory.  It has been a very ruff few years for me. Even though, I may be sad at times. I always try to put on a smile and pull out a positive from my struggles of life. I do know there is a God who is doing a greater work in and through us all. No matter the struggles of our life.

We all will have hard times and bad days but, if you just keep moving forward God will bring you through it all. In his Glorious timing. He created us in his image and knows all the outcomes of life for us. SO, if I can share one thing and nothing else. Hang in there hang on for we are not promised tomorrow. Hence, anything can change in a blink of an eye and God has the last say. So, if I have learned anything is, he has got it he is in control.  I will let him take the wheel of life and trust in him for all.

Thank you again for reading and following my blog if you are a follower Thank you for that, I pray my words help you as much as they help me too.  That you do see God is my all no matter my struggles and that I am just a real person like you!

So, let me now share the link for you all to go and hear my trailer.  Oh, and now you will be able to put a voice to my words! I pray it is better than you imagined. 😊

Click on the link below to go to my new podcast page on Anchor.FM

Struggling blessed but not alone podcast!

just an FYI Anchor is still working on getting my podcast Distributed to ALL platforms. Since I just set it up this morning.   However, for this reason you may have to check back later this week to find your favorite podcast platform. I just wanted my WordPress family to get the News first!  You will be able to hear the trailer on there website. I will still keep on blogging for it is just another way to create the greatest buzz for My lord to shine showing people he is real and true. That no matter your struggle he is there! Walking along side you each and every way and day

A Growth In My Walk with The Lord! ( On A New Journey)

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Sorry! I do not like to post 2 blogs in a day but, I need some prayer on this one! Please also make sure you do not miss the other post I did today! For it will bring you the answer to a winning Lotto ticket. 😊

Yesterday, as I was in my prayer time with the lord.  I was thinking. What can I, study to get better in God’s word? I thought, “let me see how many times the word blessed is in the bible?” So, the next thing I did was open My Bible Gateway APP. I typed in the search box the word “BLESSED.”  Did you know it is in the Bible 290 times? That it is in the Old and New Testament. Then I started to think, I am going to pray over my thoughts. Hey maybe I should blog about my study on this topic. Also, I think I want to get a group of Ladies to come together and study with me.

Now, I have never led a Bible study before however, I am trying to get better with my walk with the lord as I have told you about my walk with the lord. I am blogging this with you all for I would like you all to pray for me, as I start this journey. I am going to ask a few people that I do know to see if they would like to join in with me. I do feel like I do need some prayer over this for I have never led a Bible study. I think I will see how to start a YouTube channel. To share with others. I also know God is doing a greater thing in my life. As I have shared with you all. I am trying to write a book giving God the glory for my life story. I am not sure where God is taking me currently.  However, I just figured that I would put this out on my blog and just start this part of my journey in this manner. I think at this point the only way to learn and grow is to keep seeking what the Lord is doing in my life.  Please, come along side me and pray for Gods wisdom on this. Weather it is to Start a YouTube channel or/and A Bible Study. I know he is working in my life for sure. I am proud to say I am a child of his and I love that I want to come together with other believers in seeking out his will for my life. As I do pray others want to seek out what god is doing in their life for his glory too.

I do know when I was home with my dad. I had a lot of time where God showed up during my dad’s last few days here on earth.  This may sound crazy to some of you. Nevertheless, God (the holey spirit) was working on me as he is always doing. So, at this time I think this is the next step in my journey for and with the lord. Never in a million years did I think I would be doing something like this. However, I do know when you are walking with the Lord it may be strange to you and me but not to the Lord. Please join me in prayer to seek out if this is something God really is pressing on my heart to do. I thank you for your prayers in advance.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come boldly to you at your feet to seek your wisdom on this topic. I love that I have a walk with you. For I am not sure how to go about all of this. Nevertheless, I do believe that you put this in my heart.  I pray that this can only be done if it is your will for me to do. I pray that you send me the correct people in my path to join me on this journey. I pray that as my readers read this blog each week, they see me glorify you. That they know I cannot do anything with out you in my life. I pray that they come to love you as much as I do. If not more. I pray if anyone of my readers are hurting today you give them the strength. They need to get through it. That they know we are all your children and you do not do for one. That you do for all. Everyone’s walk is different nevertheless, the master plan in their walk is for them to be more like your son. I pray that they know you are walking along side of them in all their life. That they know you are never going to leave them. That this world may be hard on them and for them. Even still, through all of what they are going through you are walking along with them. That you give them all they need each day to move closer to you.

In Jesus Name amen!

Struggling Blessed – But Not Alone On The Journey!

Over a few years ago. I called my blog the title you see there at the top of this page. Struggling blessed but not alone on the journey. Today as I am struggling so much more in my life. God brought it to my attention the title of my blog. I have to say as I thought about it. While speaking with God in prayer. I realized that has been my whole life. Yes, I will share more of my life with you all soon, I do know as I have been writing for the last year. I have let you in on some of my life. I am going to share even more with you all in the weeks and months to come. However, let me get back to the title of my blog. As I was talking with God. He was and has been showing me a lot that he is working on with me. Yes, I do struggle! Yes, I am Blessed! Yes, I am not alone on my journey for sure. God shows up every day ready for me. I do want to let you all know this is not only true for me. It is true for you as well. Please, as I have been writing in the last year. My prayer is that you see the Glory of God in my life. If you do know me for any amount of time. You have heard me give God the glory for all of my life. I need to say I want you to understand right now before I move on with my Journey. Please understand, you are loved by God. Even if the world has let you down. God has not. I know this is hard if you are going through something (a struggle) right now. I do want to walk along side you and let you know. God loves you so much. He knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. God tells this to Jeremiah.

Let’s go to the bible, in the book of Jeremiah, (1:5).

It says, “before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” Now, before you say Yes, but the second part of that verse is told to Jeremiah for he made him a prophet to the nations. Let me share with you. God did not just create one person. If we go back to the Book of Genesis just the first chapter. You Learn that God created everything. So, at this point you were created as well.  Now you may not become a prophet for the nations nevertheless, here is what God does say about creating all of us. Genesis (1:27-28); So, God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. 28: God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

This tells me and it should tell you as well. He created you for a lot too. We again may not be a prophet for the nations. However, he shows us that in the beginning he created man and woman in his image. Then I want to show you just in Jeremiah, that not only was he created like you and me. He is sharing with Jeremiah he knew the plans he had for him before he was in his mother’s womb. I know there are many more versus and people in the Bible that tell us about being created, as well as the plans he has for all of us.

Nevertheless, today I pulled that one out from Jeremiah just to show you all. That he created him to do big things in Jeremiah’s time. If you read on you see Jeremiah saying that he is just a young person. Again, I want you to see that God started on his plans for us. Not only in our mother’s womb but his plans were at work as soon as we were born. In our young age. Now, let me share with you my own story at a young age. I pray as you read my story you may see. Gods work in you as well. Now, I was diagnosed at a young age with a vision disability. As I look back it was always rearing its ugly head even before the doctors told my parents. This disability was not found until I was at the age of 11 years old. My family was told at that time. That I had a form of Macular degeneration called Stargardt (a child’s form of Macular degeneration). When the doctor told my dad and mother all they wanted was for the doctors to fix it. Now, they did share that there was no cure for what I had. But there were devices to help me see. So, let me also share. I do love my parents very much. Nevertheless, I say this with a lot of love. My parents do love the Lord. Yes, they took my eye problem before the lord in prayer all the time. Of course, they wanted a miracle. That miracle of course that everyone was praying for was for me to get my 20/20 sight back. Well, today I can say I did not get that miracle. My sight is even worst then at that time. Through the years, I really did not see this but, it was slowly changing for the worst. Today, I sit here in pretty much being totally blind. I now have to say my struggle all of my life and still even today is harder than ever. At a young age my parents I do believe they really did want the best for me. Nevertheless, they had and still have so many problems of their own. That they could not see a way to really help their daughter. They at one point told me. I just needed to be married and someone would take care of me. I laugh today for I am not married. Of course, every little girl dream is to be married. However, that was not at this time the road God had or has for me. I even all my school years all the adults (teachers) would just really share with me. That I was so pretty that I would just meet someone and be cared for. Again, I am laughing for this is not happened. Not true. Now let me share with you as everyone was sharing my married status with me. I told my mother that God had a plan for me. That one day I would make a difference in this world. I do still believe that with all my heart. For let me share with you as I am writing this blog to you all today. And my life is harder than ever I do see God working behind the scenes.  

Today, as I was praying to God and he showed me my Title of my blog. I do believe it was not by chance that I picked that title that day. My struggles that day was just as hard as it always has been. Yet, God said look at the second part of that Title. Not a lone on the journey. Yes, I am physically alone. However, he has walked along side me at every turn and decade.  I have stories to share with the world for his glory. I have shared my story from time to time with people that I do meet. People have said, “You need to write a book to help others”

Currently, my struggles have gotten worse But, as I have been battling with a lot of trials in my life. I do believe it is time to share with the world my story. Still, I do pray people do learn to know that they can make it through anything. That God never promises an easy life for anyone. But, if you put your trust, hope, faith, belief, and seek him out. God! That is. He will make a way for you. God created you and me for so much more. Yes, the struggles for me are hard. Hence, my God is bigger than all of them. The thing I think the most at this point as I do struggle and there are very few people behind me. My God is greater than this world and he is working with me. I do believe as I have shared God knew me before the world did. God has a plan for all. But today, I do know my place in this world is to show the world. You all may have given up on me. However, My Lord and savior has not.  Please, as I do share my story and my struggles. Know your story and struggles are real and true. Yet! Hang on! Hang in there! Know he is working for you to. Just, I pray you see who to have faith in. Even when you feel like nothing is happening. I do believe he is working harder to help you through it. Keep praying and working to see him. Wait on his timing. I say this for me too. However, he will not be a day late or a dollar shy. I do have many stories in the weeks to come to share how he worked it out. For me in the past. I just need to hang on to see what he is doing with me now. I know each time I have seen his work done in my life. It has been better than I have ever thought it could be. I do have many great stories. You do to I am sure. We at times just forget how he made away before.

This walk I am almost totally sure is going to get harder for me. For in the last few years it has but, I will stay faithful and let God do a greater work in me. I know I will not let the world label me. I am here to show you all MY GOD IS IN CONTROL!

I pray today you see this story and come back to hear more about what God is doing in my life. To give him the glory. Also, to show you all. He not only has created you, but his plan is greater than anything the world can promise you.

I love you all and am praying that you hang in there. If you have a struggle of your own. Seek the Lord out. Get that bible out and read it and talk with him. He is waiting on you. I challenge you to pray to him. Prayer does work!  Having faith in the Lord is more powerful than wishing on a star. Blessings to all. 😊