$20,000.00 and A Pretend Cup of Coffee!

Good Morning! It is one AM in Dallas, Texas. God is working while you all are sleeping however, I have been a woken to get on this computer and blog to you all. Not sure why yet. But I will just go with it Now, I need to finish making my pumpkin latte. I am going to start this blog however, even though you would never know I will stop for a minute to go get my coffee of choice this morning. I am not sure even why I am sharing with you that I am making a cup of coffee, this morning. For most mornings I have always sat here behind my computer screen and drank while typing my blog.

OH! I will be right back I just heard the latte machine beep to let me know it is done and ready for me to enjoy. I like it hot so I will be right back. Holed please…

Ok I am back, and God is good while I was in the kitchen, I Got it. Yes! OMG! I did get my yummy pumpkin latte and I took my first sip and it sure is yummier than I could have dreamed up. I want you to imagine you have one too!

Nevertheless, that is not what God showed me while I was going to get my latte. I got the message for you all. Yep! God does it again! This blog is going to be how I went on a job interview that I did not want and how I told God I was going to just have a pretend cup of coffee with these people. I would just go and have some fun on this day.

Let me set the stage for you all. For I want you all to know I did need a job. I was out of work for about 9 months and around $20,000.00 in det. The internship had ended at The Army and Air Force Exchange. This internship was the way God brought me to Texas. The Government had a major shut down. I could not even get my SSA disability check back in pay to me. Therefore, I was living on credit cards. Hence, God could care less about the government money I could get from working or from my SSA disability check. For I did need money to live on nevertheless, I must share, NEVER PUT MONEY BEFORE YOUR FAITHFULNESS OF THE LORD. Yes, I said that, and I honestly believe in God being my source and resource. God does care all about you and by letting him be your source and resource. He will make the way for you in everything. Isaiah41:13 That is why I have said God could care less on where I got my money. for when he opens a door no one can shut it the same is true for when God shuts a door no one can open it.

As I said I was out of work for 9 months and now $20,000.00 in det. Now, as it was a Saturday morning about 2 weeks before this interview and a pretend cup of coffee. I was so stressed out. I was not eating much anymore I did as I said take it to the Lord Never the less, I Got an Idea on this day to call my little brother. I knew I could also call my Dad and he would let me come back to their home. However, my sister and her family had just moved in with them and yes as my parents do have a large home. I just knew that was not where I wanted to go. My brother also lived in a part of Florida, where transportation would be readily available to someone like me. I called my brother on this Saturday morning I shared my issues with him. He said sis do not worry about anything I got your back. I will come and get you. First, do you have enough money to get you through the last 2 months of your rent? I said, YES! However, I was doing this by credit cards. He then said Teresa, just wait for your lease on that apartment to run out. So, you do not incur bad debt. I agreed Then my brother Thomas said  “I want you not to worry I will come and get you but, while you are waiting for the two months to end just go and have fun in Texas.” Just go see as much as you can before you leave that state. So, I agreed as well. I hung up the phone with my brother Then, I went in to prayer with my lord saying. Thank you god there is my answer. As I do know this story now! I can share while I was saying ok God, I got my answer for this with you using my brother. God was up in the sky laughing not in a bad way. I should have lean on Jeremiah 29:11 that day. So, let me again go back. After I did pray thanking god for my what I thought was so strongly my answer from God. I now went on a great run enjoying every bit of that run. I was not worried anymore. God had used my brother to help me this day with my problem.  Now it was not even a week later. I was at the pool at my apartment building enjoying the pool and the Texas sun. Trying to keep my Florida tan in place.  I was just laying on a pool chair. My cell phone rang. I of course answered it.

It was a lady from the SSA Disability Office. Now at first, I thought it was about my SSA disability check. I did not say anything at first about my check to her for I just listened This lady at the time was so friendly and caring. Was I wrong about that again a story for another day?

Ok she was calling me. for about a job interview with the SSA disability office. now about 6 months or a little less than that before this call I had emailed a Lady that worked in the SSA HR Regional Office. I shared with this lady in HR just in an email my resume and a little about my work. Now, when I had emailed this lady in HR. I had no clue that she saved my resume for her email back to me was just one on stating, here is how you look for a job on or with the government. She just sends me to the government website.  Now, when I had gotten this call from the lady that wanted to interview me. I was not surprised for I about 4 weeks before this lady called about this job. I had gotten a call from a lady for a job interview in a field office in another part of Texas. However, this lady was sad not to be able to interview me for I did not live close to that office. Now, I could have moved to this area. For I only had a lease for maybe at that time for 3 months however, the transportation was not readily available in that area. this lady told me that she was sad that she would not have the honor to interview me for my resume and background was amazing.  nevertheless, she would let HR know I could not work in that area of Texas.  That they needed to put me back in the pool for a job somewhere closer.

Well, I then found that number to this HR lady and we now had a talk about where I could work. That it had to be in Dallas County. She did know that I had a disability.

Now, let’s get back to that call at the pool.  the lady on the call had started to tell me about this job that she wanted to interview me for. I just listened. After she spoke about the job, I told her that I just left a job about 9months earlier and it was an internship that the AAFE. For that job only lasted for 6 months . Nevertheless, you may be thinking why you are telling her that. Well, she stated in this call that this job was only for a year. I did not want to take a job for a year I needed a permanent one. That I could not take a chance on not having a job in a year. I was having trouble getting my SSA disability back.  I could not see myself going back and forth with the SSA office on my check. meaning in pay then out of pay status. it was too hard to deal with this issue.

 She stated, “maybe it could be longer but, at this time it was for just one year.” I was not wanting to start a job that would just last a year plus God gave me the answer to what I was doing. Remember I got my answer from my brother and God. LOL, I must laugh while I am sharing with you all. for God was too, at that time. So, we talked for a while about all types of SSA stuff. Now, she pleated with me Oh please just come in for an interview I do like you. I would like to meet you. Therefore, I did tell her ok. let me go back to my apartment, for I was at the pool so I could get all her information about this interview. The time, the address, and the date of this interview. I shared that I would go visit her and the office however, I was really moving back home at this time. For this job did not give me the stability I needed.

Now, for the record let me share I never wanted to be on SSA disability. All my life I was diligently working to get off it. Hence, I had times where I needed it for my disability had made it harder to find work. So, I am thankful that the government has this in place for people that need it Still, it was not and will never be the way I want to make money. I can work, I want to work, my ability to work is high and I am very smart. This world is just a hard place for people with disabilities. Therefore, I did agree to meet with her and her staff.

Now I had gotten all the information and had hung up the phone.  I then started speaking with my God. Saying Ok God, I know the plan it is to go to my brothers’ home. Why would I take a job for a year? So, God I am going to go however, God I am just going to go have a fun time and have a pretend cup of coffee with them.

Well that morning came. As I was getting ready, I was speaking with God saying, ” Ok God, make this day a fun one with these people it is just a cup of coffee day.”

At this point, I now am on my way to this interview. My ride had me there about 45 minutes earlier then I wanted to be however, that was fine with me. I never like to be late for anything. For I would rather be early then late to anything. So, I got there and greeted by a few guards at the door. For this was not surprising to me an all government offices have security.  At some of them you are not welcome in less someone from that office has invited you there.  I told the security, that I did have a meeting with a staff member. They looked on a list that they had. It did confirm it. Then, security called the area that I had a meeting to let them know I was there. Next, the guard brought me to where the meeting was at.

Now, I was in front of this lady’s office. She was at her desk. She stood up and shook my hand.  As I was early, before I could say anything about being early. She smiled and said, I am so glad you are45 minutes early. I just hung up with my boss. I now have a meeting. that would have not let me be able to interview you for the whole time. She then asked me if we could start the meeting in 10 minutes.” I then stated, “sure, I am hear, for you. So, that is fine with me.

She did say because of this there was not going to be a full staff to be in my interview there was supposed to be four in on this panel. I shared, it was ok with me if it was ok with her staff and anyone that needed to know about this process. I also want to share currently I was thinking I do not really care for I am just going to have a pretend cup of coffee with these people. it was just for fun.  I knew Gods Plan (was I so wrong about Gods plan)

Now, she takes me to a large room and tells me she will be back in a minute or two. She needed to get the other staff member that was going to be in the interview and her folder to be able to get this interview going. I just smiled and said, “you go right ahead and do whatever you need to I am just going to sit here and wait for you all.” ” I am good.”  I was not nervous or worried at all.  Remember, I was not looking to get this job. Now I have to say the other person that came into the room for the interview was a nicely built guy he had a great smile. He totally is a good man of God for sure. now we started the interview they asked question after question. At some  point in this interview I shared that I was a believer in Jesus Christ and before we went any farther I needed them to know if I could not speak about my lord and savior it was not going to work for me. Now, I still knew I was not taking this job for god showed me another plan. However, I did want to be kind and meet this lady as she wanted to meet me to.  Ok so we are just having a great time. God is just having me answer all these questions with no problem. this interview was so different than the one I had with The Army and Air force. I could not believe it myself. I did let them share all about this job. Well. low and be hold the lady that invited me to this interview started telling me how. This government job had a lot of potential in the way of overtime and it gave overtime with time and a half. Now the overtime could be as much as 10 to 15 hours a week Now, I did think to myself wait did I hear her correctly really Our president at this time was President Obama. I just heard him on the TV saying we are in a deficit. The government had just opened back up from a shut down. Now, really this lady is saying Overtime where is the government getting this money from. Nevertheless, it was a showstopper

ok now let me tell you my questions started coming from a different limelight. I started asking questions like wait how long is this job for? How long until I could start overtime if I took this job? now I had asked a lot more questions about this over time but, let me share. What was now going on in my head with my Lord and savior.

 Yes, now just know you may think this is crazy however, I know my god. For the most part. I said this because as I am going to share. the change in my questions and thoughts on what happen at that table. Remember I thought I knew the plans God had for me at the time of this interview. I was so wrong however let me continue ok so. Suddenly as I was asking my loaded questions about overtime and time and a half. God hit me in the back of my head saying you got this Teresa. Now I did not mean God saying I got it as I was better than anyone else. Here were my thoughts as these two people were talking to me.

I knew I was $20,000.00 in det. I know I could work this overtime for if it were offered to me, I had no family here so I could work all that they had to offer. I really was living with in my means very much with not having a job for 9 months. My apartment had changed once I had lost that internship at the AAFE. Meaning I moved into a small one. I could get out of debt in or try to get out of debt for this one year of a job. I said in my head Yes God I hear you. So, I did know that I was a hard worker and that I also was a great bill payer meaning I could get out of this debt. Here is where I am different from others.

I did and do believe that God would be the one to get me out of this debt. I do know the Bible says That God will supply all my needs Mathew 6:25. That I am supposed to be a lender and not a borrower .Luke 6:34-35 I have gotten out of debt before. So, I know my God was working this out. He knew when I started using credit cards that I was a good steward of my money. That I could be in trusted with using credit cards.

I just knew for at this time, that I had a $20,000.00 debt. Now these two people are telling me that I have a job for a year and I can be offered this much overtime so, now I am saying ok God I do not really know your plan and that is ok lord. I really should not have put you in a box for your plans really are not my plans. Yes, I did really know your way is not my way. I have been on this earth for about 43 years before this interview, so God let me stop and lets God Go! i should have realy held on to the verse Isaiah41:13.

Ok as I was talking to these people about the job, they had no idea what was going on in my head with God. So, after I asked all my loaded questions, and they would just not really understand why a new person would ask all these questions in an interview. For the lady that was in this interview did say years later Teresa’s Interview was not like any other interview I had ever done. Because my questions had changed for, I wanted to know other things about this job. God had hit me on the back of my head. In my head God was shouting tell them you will take it and trust in me.

So, as this story is long, and I do need to wrap it up. I did get the job and in less than one-year I was debt free. Yes, God did it again!  there is much more of this story however, I will share more another day.

Please know that God is always working no matter what life brings your way. This is just one of many stories about how God has been working in my life. He is or does want to work it out for you as well. Please, just learn to trust in him and not the world. If he is doing this for me. I know his plans for you are great too. He does promise to take care of his children.

Please come back to hear more stories of how God is working in my life for his Glory! Just know I am praying for you always! He is truly the ANSWER TO ALL OF YOUR LIFE ISSUES!

I also currently am writing a book about my life and how God is the Glory of it all.  My journey of life is truly a leap of faith with God in the pilot seat. I pray that you all will keep me in prayer as I take this next leap of faith with my book. I pray that my stories teach you that there is truly a Heavenly Father that loves and wants to do for you. That you learn to take a leap of faith and follow him. (Jesus Christ)