A Hedge Of Protection!

Today I just want to pray for you if you are hurting in life. Even if you are not. I pray that you just received this prayer to help you through whatever you are going through.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am coming to you to ask for a hedge of protection over my readers. I know as we are your children there are times that we are so much needing to hear from you. In this world there are times where we feel like you are so far from us. However, I have always heard that is when you are working on our behalf more. Therefore, as I bring all my readers to your feet. I ask you to show

up for them the way they need to hear from you. That you do nolet the devil get in their head for anything. That they know you are working all their lives to glorify you. That they will see the victory you have for them when they know to just lean on you and not the world. That they know you are there source and resource for all. That even when they feel so alone. That they know you are always right there with them. That you will never leave them or for sake them. That you have them in the palm of your hand. There is no one that can come and take them out of your hand. No matter what may come into their thought’s. You have the best for them no matter what the world is saying. They need to know you are truly in there corner. I thank you for all that you are doing even when we cannot see it. I know you know just when to show up for us. I pray that this covid ends soon for the world needs to be shaken but, the true believer knows you are in control of this world. That you have the best for your children. That your protection is on us no matter what the world is facing. That we keep on giving you the glory no matter how hard it is during this time. I Know that we think we know all the answers to our life issues. However, you again are working a better plan out for us.  Then we could ever think. I ask you to put a hand over anyone that is struggling today. For I know I am. Therefore, I figured I would lift them up to you today too. Please, be our comforter during these times. Thank you! lord, for always hearing our prayers. Also, thank you! For always doing a greater work in us, and through us. I know all our struggles may not be the same. Still, that you are working them out for us and for our glory to you. I would not have it any other way. Please, just comfort us when we just feel like no one is caring about us. That we see you working in every way.

I pray this in Jesus name AMEN!

There Is Someone, Who Is Wanting to Hear All You Have To Say! (never to tired for you)

Did you know you are never alone? I am not sure what you are going through today.  You may have a full home, right now and still feel so alone. Well, I want to share with you that even if you do have a full home and feel this way. I want to open your eyes to let you know God is always there with you.  If your husband is too busy to take a minute to hear your days issues. Your kids have too much to tell you and they do not want to listen to your parenting them. Your wife is just going on and on about what the kids are doing and not letting you get a little word in. Just know there is always someone there with you that is waiting with open arms it is your Lord and savior. Let’s start off and let me share that he is never too busy for you. Did you know he wants to hear everything you have to say? He is open to hear from you 24-7. He will never tell you wait Mary, Joe, and Sara is before you. He will never tell you wait the phone is ringing and I need to take this other call it is more important than you are. He will never tell you he is mad at you. He will always just be there wherever you are. Yes! No matter where you are. You can be in the shower, in the kitchen, in the car, in the playroom, in the store, outside walking or jogging, at work, in bed. I think you get the point he is everywhere. Did you know he will even not judge you? He wants the best for you and wants to give you the best as well. Even if you think he is not answering your prayers. I am here to share that he is. Not because I say so. It is because he promises all his children. He has made plans for you that are better than you could ever imagine. He knows why you are where you are in life. He does want you to have your heart’s desire. However, before he gives you your heart’s desire. He needs to make sure you can really handle it.

No matter what this world tells you. Just know God is not like anyone else. He is a way maker. A promise keeper. He loves you no matter what is going on. He will never leave you or for sake you. He is really working behind the scenes to make sure you are ok. Yes, life is or will never be perfect. However, just lean on him and watch him work. Just keep on moving forward. Speaking with him. I know this life is hard at times but, I do know my God is there for you and me.

So, today I pray that you really start talking with him. No, it does not matter if you have put him on the back burner of life for a while. Today I just want to ask you to open that door and start talking to him. About everything no matter what it is. If no one wants to hear you just know he is waiting to hear from you.  Yes, just start talking and let him love on you. I know it may feel funny at first to just speak out and not think he is listening but, know he is.  He is waiting for you to talk to him.

Dear heavenly Father,

Today, I come to you asking you to make sure that my readers know that you really are there for them. Not because I say so but because you are so alive in their life. I pray they learn to speak to you no matter the time of day. No matter what is going on in their life. That they learn that you really are a great listener. That you are wanting to hear from them. That you do want to give them their hearts desire. That they not only speak to you in prayer but, then they learn to seek you out by reading your word. I pray this for them today. For I do know you are at the best dad they could ever have. Thank you, Father, for all you do for your children. Thank you for loving us even when the world is so hard out there. I pray that my readers talk to you today. That they seek you out before they go to anyone else. That they just seek out all that you have for them.

I love you and I thank you for all of your mercy and grace.

In Jesus name Amen!

Bible verses to lean on:Psalms 73:23-24, Hebrews 13:6,2, Corinthians 1:3-4, Philippians 4:11-3, 1, Matthew 5:11-12, John 16:24, 1 Corinthians 10:13, Zephaniah  3:17, Romans 8:38-39

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$20,000.00 and A Pretend Cup of Coffee!

Good Morning! It is one AM in Dallas, Texas. God is working while you all are sleeping however, I have been a woken to get on this computer and blog to you all. Not sure why yet. But I will just go with it Now, I need to finish making my pumpkin latte. I am going to start this blog however, even though you would never know I will stop for a minute to go get my coffee of choice this morning. I am not sure even why I am sharing with you that I am making a cup of coffee, this morning. For most mornings I have always sat here behind my computer screen and drank while typing my blog.

OH! I will be right back I just heard the latte machine beep to let me know it is done and ready for me to enjoy. I like it hot so I will be right back. Holed please…

Ok I am back, and God is good while I was in the kitchen, I Got it. Yes! OMG! I did get my yummy pumpkin latte and I took my first sip and it sure is yummier than I could have dreamed up. I want you to imagine you have one too!

Nevertheless, that is not what God showed me while I was going to get my latte. I got the message for you all. Yep! God does it again! This blog is going to be how I went on a job interview that I did not want and how I told God I was going to just have a pretend cup of coffee with these people. I would just go and have some fun on this day.

Let me set the stage for you all. For I want you all to know I did need a job. I was out of work for about 9 months and around $20,000.00 in det. The internship had ended at The Army and Air Force Exchange. This internship was the way God brought me to Texas. The Government had a major shut down. I could not even get my SSA disability check back in pay to me. Therefore, I was living on credit cards. Hence, God could care less about the government money I could get from working or from my SSA disability check. For I did need money to live on nevertheless, I must share, NEVER PUT MONEY BEFORE YOUR FAITHFULNESS OF THE LORD. Yes, I said that, and I honestly believe in God being my source and resource. God does care all about you and by letting him be your source and resource. He will make the way for you in everything. Isaiah41:13 That is why I have said God could care less on where I got my money. for when he opens a door no one can shut it the same is true for when God shuts a door no one can open it.

As I said I was out of work for 9 months and now $20,000.00 in det. Now, as it was a Saturday morning about 2 weeks before this interview and a pretend cup of coffee. I was so stressed out. I was not eating much anymore I did as I said take it to the Lord Never the less, I Got an Idea on this day to call my little brother. I knew I could also call my Dad and he would let me come back to their home. However, my sister and her family had just moved in with them and yes as my parents do have a large home. I just knew that was not where I wanted to go. My brother also lived in a part of Florida, where transportation would be readily available to someone like me. I called my brother on this Saturday morning I shared my issues with him. He said sis do not worry about anything I got your back. I will come and get you. First, do you have enough money to get you through the last 2 months of your rent? I said, YES! However, I was doing this by credit cards. He then said Teresa, just wait for your lease on that apartment to run out. So, you do not incur bad debt. I agreed Then my brother Thomas said  “I want you not to worry I will come and get you but, while you are waiting for the two months to end just go and have fun in Texas.” Just go see as much as you can before you leave that state. So, I agreed as well. I hung up the phone with my brother Then, I went in to prayer with my lord saying. Thank you god there is my answer. As I do know this story now! I can share while I was saying ok God, I got my answer for this with you using my brother. God was up in the sky laughing not in a bad way. I should have lean on Jeremiah 29:11 that day. So, let me again go back. After I did pray thanking god for my what I thought was so strongly my answer from God. I now went on a great run enjoying every bit of that run. I was not worried anymore. God had used my brother to help me this day with my problem.  Now it was not even a week later. I was at the pool at my apartment building enjoying the pool and the Texas sun. Trying to keep my Florida tan in place.  I was just laying on a pool chair. My cell phone rang. I of course answered it.

It was a lady from the SSA Disability Office. Now at first, I thought it was about my SSA disability check. I did not say anything at first about my check to her for I just listened This lady at the time was so friendly and caring. Was I wrong about that again a story for another day?

Ok she was calling me. for about a job interview with the SSA disability office. now about 6 months or a little less than that before this call I had emailed a Lady that worked in the SSA HR Regional Office. I shared with this lady in HR just in an email my resume and a little about my work. Now, when I had emailed this lady in HR. I had no clue that she saved my resume for her email back to me was just one on stating, here is how you look for a job on or with the government. She just sends me to the government website.  Now, when I had gotten this call from the lady that wanted to interview me. I was not surprised for I about 4 weeks before this lady called about this job. I had gotten a call from a lady for a job interview in a field office in another part of Texas. However, this lady was sad not to be able to interview me for I did not live close to that office. Now, I could have moved to this area. For I only had a lease for maybe at that time for 3 months however, the transportation was not readily available in that area. this lady told me that she was sad that she would not have the honor to interview me for my resume and background was amazing.  nevertheless, she would let HR know I could not work in that area of Texas.  That they needed to put me back in the pool for a job somewhere closer.

Well, I then found that number to this HR lady and we now had a talk about where I could work. That it had to be in Dallas County. She did know that I had a disability.

Now, let’s get back to that call at the pool.  the lady on the call had started to tell me about this job that she wanted to interview me for. I just listened. After she spoke about the job, I told her that I just left a job about 9months earlier and it was an internship that the AAFE. For that job only lasted for 6 months . Nevertheless, you may be thinking why you are telling her that. Well, she stated in this call that this job was only for a year. I did not want to take a job for a year I needed a permanent one. That I could not take a chance on not having a job in a year. I was having trouble getting my SSA disability back.  I could not see myself going back and forth with the SSA office on my check. meaning in pay then out of pay status. it was too hard to deal with this issue.

 She stated, “maybe it could be longer but, at this time it was for just one year.” I was not wanting to start a job that would just last a year plus God gave me the answer to what I was doing. Remember I got my answer from my brother and God. LOL, I must laugh while I am sharing with you all. for God was too, at that time. So, we talked for a while about all types of SSA stuff. Now, she pleated with me Oh please just come in for an interview I do like you. I would like to meet you. Therefore, I did tell her ok. let me go back to my apartment, for I was at the pool so I could get all her information about this interview. The time, the address, and the date of this interview. I shared that I would go visit her and the office however, I was really moving back home at this time. For this job did not give me the stability I needed.

Now, for the record let me share I never wanted to be on SSA disability. All my life I was diligently working to get off it. Hence, I had times where I needed it for my disability had made it harder to find work. So, I am thankful that the government has this in place for people that need it Still, it was not and will never be the way I want to make money. I can work, I want to work, my ability to work is high and I am very smart. This world is just a hard place for people with disabilities. Therefore, I did agree to meet with her and her staff.

Now I had gotten all the information and had hung up the phone.  I then started speaking with my God. Saying Ok God, I know the plan it is to go to my brothers’ home. Why would I take a job for a year? So, God I am going to go however, God I am just going to go have a fun time and have a pretend cup of coffee with them.

Well that morning came. As I was getting ready, I was speaking with God saying, ” Ok God, make this day a fun one with these people it is just a cup of coffee day.”

At this point, I now am on my way to this interview. My ride had me there about 45 minutes earlier then I wanted to be however, that was fine with me. I never like to be late for anything. For I would rather be early then late to anything. So, I got there and greeted by a few guards at the door. For this was not surprising to me an all government offices have security.  At some of them you are not welcome in less someone from that office has invited you there.  I told the security, that I did have a meeting with a staff member. They looked on a list that they had. It did confirm it. Then, security called the area that I had a meeting to let them know I was there. Next, the guard brought me to where the meeting was at.

Now, I was in front of this lady’s office. She was at her desk. She stood up and shook my hand.  As I was early, before I could say anything about being early. She smiled and said, I am so glad you are45 minutes early. I just hung up with my boss. I now have a meeting. that would have not let me be able to interview you for the whole time. She then asked me if we could start the meeting in 10 minutes.” I then stated, “sure, I am hear, for you. So, that is fine with me.

She did say because of this there was not going to be a full staff to be in my interview there was supposed to be four in on this panel. I shared, it was ok with me if it was ok with her staff and anyone that needed to know about this process. I also want to share currently I was thinking I do not really care for I am just going to have a pretend cup of coffee with these people. it was just for fun.  I knew Gods Plan (was I so wrong about Gods plan)

Now, she takes me to a large room and tells me she will be back in a minute or two. She needed to get the other staff member that was going to be in the interview and her folder to be able to get this interview going. I just smiled and said, “you go right ahead and do whatever you need to I am just going to sit here and wait for you all.” ” I am good.”  I was not nervous or worried at all.  Remember, I was not looking to get this job. Now I have to say the other person that came into the room for the interview was a nicely built guy he had a great smile. He totally is a good man of God for sure. now we started the interview they asked question after question. At some  point in this interview I shared that I was a believer in Jesus Christ and before we went any farther I needed them to know if I could not speak about my lord and savior it was not going to work for me. Now, I still knew I was not taking this job for god showed me another plan. However, I did want to be kind and meet this lady as she wanted to meet me to.  Ok so we are just having a great time. God is just having me answer all these questions with no problem. this interview was so different than the one I had with The Army and Air force. I could not believe it myself. I did let them share all about this job. Well. low and be hold the lady that invited me to this interview started telling me how. This government job had a lot of potential in the way of overtime and it gave overtime with time and a half. Now the overtime could be as much as 10 to 15 hours a week Now, I did think to myself wait did I hear her correctly really Our president at this time was President Obama. I just heard him on the TV saying we are in a deficit. The government had just opened back up from a shut down. Now, really this lady is saying Overtime where is the government getting this money from. Nevertheless, it was a showstopper

ok now let me tell you my questions started coming from a different limelight. I started asking questions like wait how long is this job for? How long until I could start overtime if I took this job? now I had asked a lot more questions about this over time but, let me share. What was now going on in my head with my Lord and savior.

 Yes, now just know you may think this is crazy however, I know my god. For the most part. I said this because as I am going to share. the change in my questions and thoughts on what happen at that table. Remember I thought I knew the plans God had for me at the time of this interview. I was so wrong however let me continue ok so. Suddenly as I was asking my loaded questions about overtime and time and a half. God hit me in the back of my head saying you got this Teresa. Now I did not mean God saying I got it as I was better than anyone else. Here were my thoughts as these two people were talking to me.

I knew I was $20,000.00 in det. I know I could work this overtime for if it were offered to me, I had no family here so I could work all that they had to offer. I really was living with in my means very much with not having a job for 9 months. My apartment had changed once I had lost that internship at the AAFE. Meaning I moved into a small one. I could get out of debt in or try to get out of debt for this one year of a job. I said in my head Yes God I hear you. So, I did know that I was a hard worker and that I also was a great bill payer meaning I could get out of this debt. Here is where I am different from others.

I did and do believe that God would be the one to get me out of this debt. I do know the Bible says That God will supply all my needs Mathew 6:25. That I am supposed to be a lender and not a borrower .Luke 6:34-35 I have gotten out of debt before. So, I know my God was working this out. He knew when I started using credit cards that I was a good steward of my money. That I could be in trusted with using credit cards.

I just knew for at this time, that I had a $20,000.00 debt. Now these two people are telling me that I have a job for a year and I can be offered this much overtime so, now I am saying ok God I do not really know your plan and that is ok lord. I really should not have put you in a box for your plans really are not my plans. Yes, I did really know your way is not my way. I have been on this earth for about 43 years before this interview, so God let me stop and lets God Go! i should have realy held on to the verse Isaiah41:13.

Ok as I was talking to these people about the job, they had no idea what was going on in my head with God. So, after I asked all my loaded questions, and they would just not really understand why a new person would ask all these questions in an interview. For the lady that was in this interview did say years later Teresa’s Interview was not like any other interview I had ever done. Because my questions had changed for, I wanted to know other things about this job. God had hit me on the back of my head. In my head God was shouting tell them you will take it and trust in me.

So, as this story is long, and I do need to wrap it up. I did get the job and in less than one-year I was debt free. Yes, God did it again!  there is much more of this story however, I will share more another day.

Please know that God is always working no matter what life brings your way. This is just one of many stories about how God has been working in my life. He is or does want to work it out for you as well. Please, just learn to trust in him and not the world. If he is doing this for me. I know his plans for you are great too. He does promise to take care of his children.

Please come back to hear more stories of how God is working in my life for his Glory! Just know I am praying for you always! He is truly the ANSWER TO ALL OF YOUR LIFE ISSUES!

I also currently am writing a book about my life and how God is the Glory of it all.  My journey of life is truly a leap of faith with God in the pilot seat. I pray that you all will keep me in prayer as I take this next leap of faith with my book. I pray that my stories teach you that there is truly a Heavenly Father that loves and wants to do for you. That you learn to take a leap of faith and follow him. (Jesus Christ)

Fighting For Us!

Ok, it is about 1:30 am in the morning. I slept little tonight nevertheless; I want to share again God is on fire in my soul. I did not think I would do this tonight. Get on my blog and type to you all however, I just must share with you all. You never know when God is going to have you help one of his children. I just was calling to get my iPhone fixed. The new upgrade. It always has kinks when a software update is given. More so for me because of my special needs (blindness). Anyways it was just like any other time I call in that is what I thought would be. Well, it was not God had me speak about him and his son. I will not share the story that I got into with the fine gentlemen. For that is private nevertheless, I just want to share. Other things about this call. I am now praying for his family and they will be ok. It is not because I say they will be ok. It is because God says that. I want to share that I prayed for his family right after I hung up with this fine gentleman. I felt the spirit so much I asked my Echo device to play some Anthony Evans for if you do not know. He is one of my favorite singers. Well, the first song that came on is called HE is fighting for us! At this time, I am playing it over and over So, as you read this you may want to play this song too. I know you all may not know this. I do not find it to be odd that I have a conversation with anyone that I meet about God. I just have learned to not put my God behind any bush. I never push the subject. There is always something that leads me to speak about the goodness of God. I always start in to a I am not trying to push my faith on you, or I am not sure where your faith is with God. However, can I share something. I truly little get a NO thanks! Well, tonight was just one of those days. At this time, I have come on here to just let anyone know that God is a Good God. Just like Anthony is singing he is fighting for us. Know this world is just that a hard and cruel one. Yes, God created it. Yes, if you do believe in him you are a child of his. However, he says in his word. We are not promised an easy life here on earth. He if you look in the Bible pretty much read anywhere in all the books of the bible; they are having troubles. Yet, he shows if we just trust in him God and his son Jesus. Are trials maybe hard however Joy comes at the end. I know sometimes our trials are so hard and we want joy Now. Did you know you should have that Joy in your trouble as well? Yes! I know some of you may be saying that is too hard. I do hear you. There are days I do say, Really God how can I find Joy today. I as I write this to you, I am writing this to myself. I can only say hold on to the words of Jesus Christ and God. I do not know what you are going through at this time but what I do know is God is fighting for us, please, understand you may say you need answers to all of your fighting questions as I do too. Well, I have the answer for it all. Yes! I found it for all of us. I know this is not a surprise for some of us. I have the play book for life. Yes! You do too! I just need you to take 5 minutes a day and find out how this life is going to be. I know it is hard to understand at times. Still, start today, I cannot promise an easier life but, I can promise that you will have all the promises you need to fall on when times are hard. Really you need to go to it all the time. It is your bible it has all the answers you will ever need. I do not know why God has you in the period of life he has you currently but, I do no if you just spend a little time with him. In prayer and reading his word. Just give 5 minutes of your 24-hour day. I will not tell you that life will be all roses. Hence, what I will share is you will have a joy and peace that you have never had before. that 5 minutes that you spend with Him will turn into time that you will not want to stop. Yes, at first that 5 minutes may be the hardest thing you ever do. Nevertheless, I do believe if you start there and really talk to him God – Jesus Christ. He will have your life change again; your struggles may not get easier because we are in a fallen world. Yet, God will show up for you every time. I do know for me he is my source and my resource. Yes! My life is not easy at all. however, I do know it is a battle that I will keep on fighting. For I do know again, as Anthony Evans is singing God is fighting for us. God does not back down. We just need to see that he is in control and if you are a believer in Jesus Christ. There is a greater thing that we need to look for and that is Gods Grace. That with his Grace we have a lifetime of goodness. He knows we will struggle here on earth for, he does let the devil Rome here. Yet, you need to know it is not the worldly things that you need it is the long and everlasting life you want to make sure is secure. If you follow his will and asking for his will in life, I do believe your journey will be more bearable on earth, Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your fighting spirit for us. I know that you love all your children. Yes! You will never back down for us. I do know we need to seek you out more that we do. So, today as I pray to you and write this blog. I hope that all my readers seek your word out for it is exactly right there. The bible is the answer to all with our unending conversation to you in prayer. I thank you that you will give unending peace to your children no matter what they are going through. Tonight, I want to pray for my new friend in Christ. I do know he does know you even before I spoke to him. I just believe tonight you needed a new friend to come into his life to get some comfort for his family. I pray for his whole family wife and children that they are tonight, and every night know that your joy comes in the morning and that they get the peace that only you can give. That life is always the choice they hole on to. For as I do know when we lose a loved one it is harder for the ones that are here. Again, I know that you will give the peace that they need from my words to your ears. Thank you for the love that you give all your children. I do know as I am praying our love ones are with you as well. Just sending down love our way. Life is just something we just must be thankful for and know your grace will get us through it all. I also want to pray for anyone that is readding this and struggling. That they pick up their bible so they can see all your goodness and promises for there life. I love you! God, can you do me a favor as well can you give a hug to all the children and parents today up there for us. Since, we cannot anymore. I know this may sound silly God. Not to you but to some people that pray to you. That I ask you that today but as you know my heavenly Father, I do speak to you just like you are my friend here on earth. Thank you for letting me be your daughter and have that relationship with you. I also pray as people read my talk with you. They see they can talk to you about anything all day long. I thank you in advance for the peace you are going or are giving to my readers. Today and always. In Jesus name Amen!

The Way God Answers Prayers! *** A Change In Topic-Title (read on to understand)

From A Cup of Rice and A Song Of Hallelujah!

To The Way God Answers Prayers!

Good Morning to all my readers. It is 3am here in Texas. I am not sure really this morning, why I started it with singing Hallelujah. There is a story behind Hallelujah and a cup of rice. They are not two stories that are mutually exclusive. However, this morning I started as I told you all I woke up singing Hallelujah. It was just not an ok sing for a minute. I have kept it up the whole time I was making breakfast and until I sat down with my food and started typing to you all today. I even tried to stop saying this is crazy! Why God am I singing this. Now, also why I was singing and cooking breakfast. I was reminded to get that cup of rice and put it out.

Yes! Yes! I know let me stop for a minute with my story of my singing and the cup of rice for, I am sure someone is thinking. What did you make for breakfast? So here it is. I made a vanilla latte, an omelet with onions, peppers, mushrooms, and cheese (Mexican). To a company that omelet and latte not one but two hash browns like McDonalds sells. 

Why Yes! My friend Kim I know “You may be thinking 2 hash browns?” Yes! Yes 2! 😊

Now as I am typing this blog. I am also trying to eat my breakfast. I would love to just eat but, when I stop to eat and not type my voice goes back to singing. Crazy Right!

So, I will just eat and type. For the Holy Spirit must have something. I need to let you all know. Also, I will say. I did think I wrote 2 times this week. I do not want to write to much. Yet, again I need to listen to my soul. When I can write, and it comes out easy on the page I know it is not me! God is using me to share my story with you.

 I am sure some of you may not understand this. Let me let you in on a little secret. I do not get it either. I have days I want to share with you all. Nevertheless, it just does not come out. So, I just have to say, “No not today.” Then there are days like this week. Where I can not stop my fingers from typing to you all.

Ok let’s go back to my stories. I will start with the Cup of Rice. Since this story took place first. Now if you have been following my blog. You do know I did tell you all a few months ago. After I found out my dad was getting worse, I started calling home everyday to speak with him. Now, let me share again as I did. We only really talked about good things. Nothing about bills. Plans of his death (meaning why or where he is going to be laid out). No talk about who is getting what or why he did not make a will. We did speak about my mother and she did hear all the conversations. I was on speaker the whole time. He made it noticeably clear to me our first day of conversation. He had other children that would come over and that was most of their talks. He does love them still; He did not want to speak about that stuff. He said, “My mother knew his wishes and for that leave it alone.” I did share with him That is totally fine. For I do have a lot to share with him. Things that are good in my life. I told him and he agree that we would talk about the goodness of the Lord.

 Which, I must say I did love always talking to my Dad about the Lord. I would no matter how old I was or where I lived. I would always call him, to ask him. Where and what does it say in the Bible about this or that. Now, as I would do that years and years ago. My dad would always share with me. “Please, Teresa read the bible for yourself.” Next, I would say, “Yes Daddy, but you know it better. So, let me just ask you.”  Next, he would say, “Yes, but God will show up for you.” I would just say, “Yes Daddy just share with me.” Again, I would just repeat myself. Now he would always do so. No, he would not give me his thoughts sometimes on what he was sharing. He would just share what the word said. I would love that. For I always thought Yes, I got my answer from my earthly dad. I would also state to my Dad it was too hard to read. For I am not good with reading or listening to Gods word. He would just share again. That he really learned to read by reading the bible. Yes, he did not finish school Not sure what grade he did go to. Though, He did later in years get his GED. He loved to read and learn. My Dad was very smart. He took a lot of home-schooling courses. He did go to trade school as well. He was a tool and die maker for over 40 years of his life.

Now, to share we had a great time each day on the phone. The first day after we got the let’s say rules out of the way. I just then started sharing with him. Ok Daddy! Let me tell you what I am learning in my braille classes. Let me share what my blog is looking like. Let me share what the Lord put on my heart today. We would at this point have a great time just talking about all the goodness of the Lord has or is doing. He did speak about his pain at this time but, we would just keep focusing on the Lord. it was a great time even though. He was in so much pain,

 , I in the last let’s say 5 years. Have been Reading and digging in the Bible myself. Yes, you have read that correctly. My dad was so happy to hear my different thoughts on what I was learning myself. He did know I was starting to dig in the Bible 5 years ago. He knew I was writing a blog that I really started in 2016. But pulled down for until 2019. He was so proud of me. However, I can say not until we started speaking within that month. He did really see a great change in me within my walk with the Lord. let me share, the only thing that was different within this month. That was I did every phone call pray out loud with my parents. Yes, I would not end any call without praying. I even called back one day just to pray for I got a call and needed to hang up without praying. but, once he said, “Hey Teresa, we did not pray yesterday.” I laughed and say yes daddy I know. I thought that too. Yesterday. So, let’s not forget. 😊  well, will share with you as I prayed, I just prayed. Nevertheless, my Dad started to cry this one day. I would pray first and then he would go next. My mother would finish us off in prayer. Well, let me share we all were in tears many days however this first day of prayer was so amazing to me. So, I prayed first. Then my Dad started to pray, and he was crying to God saying “Lord Thank You! Thank You! For my answered prayer to you about my daughter. Yes, Lord she is reading her bible. Yes, Lord she is going to do great things for you I Thank You for letting me see her start on her journey with you. I thank you for my answer prayer about her, I am so proud to know she is going to keep up that blog, write a story for you being the glory, I am proud to know she is seeking you out even more today then ever. I thank you for I may not see all that you are going to have her do for you. yet, I am thankful to you today for answering my prayer of her to read and get closer to you. I know she is going to glorify you the rests of her days. Thank you again Lord for letting me see this answered prayer, you are so amazing lord. 😊 Well, I have to say I was surprised. I did know my daddy would say always to me Please just read his (Gods) words. But I did not realize he was taking it to the Lord in prayer. This should not have surprised me but, it did. Now, we both were crying for sure to God in thanksgiving. I have to say it really showed me prayer really works. I did know this; however, this was just such a beautiful day. That I will never forget. For I do see the Lord working in my Bible life. I have always shared my story with people glorifying god over myself in my stories to people. Yet, I would always tell people that I was not versed in where this or that was to help them more. That I would call my dad and get the answer for them. Now currently in the last few years as I have read my Bible. I did still call my daddy nevertheless; I would not have the same talks. They would be different. Now they were about “wow! Dad did you see- here or here. What God did for this on or that one!” So, I did know I was doing it. However, I did not know my daddy was praying for me too. That was great for me to hear and share with you. Now, let me share with you all that. You may be praying for something. God does hear you. However, let me share you will get answers to your prayers. Yet, they just may be answered in a different way. Yes! What I mean by this. God will answer all prayers I do believe. But, he does it in his way and his will. Yes, I pray for all of you that are waiting on an answered Prayer. You just keep on praying whatever it is for. Just add a little different spin on that prayer. God if this prayer, does not align up with your will. Please show me the better plan for that prayer as well. Let’s let God give his will for all your prayers. I do know and believe that his ways are not our ways. He God will answer your prayers better then you could ever imagine. You may lose a loved one or you may not get this or that. However, let me just share. Do not be mad about the change in your prayers. For I will share with you. God knows all. What I mean if he answered you sometimes in the way you wanted. He God knows the outcome of that before you do. So, as we pray. We do not see that. So, take all of everything you are going through to him. Again, just add to your prayers.  God let your way and will be done. Yes, this is hard to do hence, I will share you will be better off for it. I do not think I could have said this years ago. Yet, today I see so much more that God has protected me from. Even if I am struggling, as you all know I am. God is working it out for his glory, and I do believe he knows better than me. Ok I have gone off my story for sure. I am not sure why.

But I will go with it (the story). I now need to change the topic of this writing today. I will I am sure God will have me write about the Cup of rice and Hallelujah song another day.

Currently as I am writing to you all. I have seen God change my writing. During the middle of my story telling. Then later I get a message from someone saying, WOW, Teresa Thanks for this. It is an answered prayer. So, I have learned when my fingers do not stop, and I get a word – story to just go with it.  Yes, so we will just have to wait on the story of A Cup of Rice and A Sing Hallelujah story.

I hope and pray if you needed these words, you know that God has blessed you through my blog.

That you, always know it is not really me. It is God working through me. So, please, just sit still and pray a thank you to him first. Because, if you email me or comment to me. I will do just that for you too. I do know You are Welcome as well from me. I am just blessed to be the vessel that he used to give you this word.

Dear heavenly Father,

I come boldly to you today for I do not know who this will bless. However, it is not always for me to know. I just know and have been learning to just write when you say write. Currently as you know I somedays struggle with you about what to write. I do know to just sit here and let my fingers do the work. That you will bring all of what I say to someone that needs it. I know you know what is best so I will just keep on writing for you. I pray that anyone that is reading this is blessed by my words for you. Thank you in advance for anyone that needed this today. I thank you for my earthly Dad’s answered prayers always. Knowing that you are the one we need to go to. Even if we think we know what we need. That you show up and give us. Exactly what is your will. That your will is the right thing for us. Even when we do not see it at first. I must even go farther and say Thank you for when we do see the light to that prayer. That we think did not get answered. You had something better planned. So, thank you for Not always answering our prayers the way we want. Even if today someone is reading this and does not get it. I pray in the days and weeks of there life they can look back and see. Your handy work was just what they needed. We love you and pray that we stay true to honor you all the days of our lives.

In Jesus name AMEN!

Hey! Let me leave you with my new quote “Having faith in the Lord is more powerful Than wishing on a star!”

I challenge you to try it! Just know all you need is a mustard seed of faith. A mustard seed is exceedingly small. If you know anything about seeds. That seed will grow exceptionally large.

Struggling Blessed – But Not Alone On The Journey!

Over a few years ago. I called my blog the title you see there at the top of this page. Struggling blessed but not alone on the journey. Today as I am struggling so much more in my life. God brought it to my attention the title of my blog. I have to say as I thought about it. While speaking with God in prayer. I realized that has been my whole life. Yes, I will share more of my life with you all soon, I do know as I have been writing for the last year. I have let you in on some of my life. I am going to share even more with you all in the weeks and months to come. However, let me get back to the title of my blog. As I was talking with God. He was and has been showing me a lot that he is working on with me. Yes, I do struggle! Yes, I am Blessed! Yes, I am not alone on my journey for sure. God shows up every day ready for me. I do want to let you all know this is not only true for me. It is true for you as well. Please, as I have been writing in the last year. My prayer is that you see the Glory of God in my life. If you do know me for any amount of time. You have heard me give God the glory for all of my life. I need to say I want you to understand right now before I move on with my Journey. Please understand, you are loved by God. Even if the world has let you down. God has not. I know this is hard if you are going through something (a struggle) right now. I do want to walk along side you and let you know. God loves you so much. He knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. God tells this to Jeremiah.

Let’s go to the bible, in the book of Jeremiah, (1:5).

It says, “before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” Now, before you say Yes, but the second part of that verse is told to Jeremiah for he made him a prophet to the nations. Let me share with you. God did not just create one person. If we go back to the Book of Genesis just the first chapter. You Learn that God created everything. So, at this point you were created as well.  Now you may not become a prophet for the nations nevertheless, here is what God does say about creating all of us. Genesis (1:27-28); So, God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. 28: God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

This tells me and it should tell you as well. He created you for a lot too. We again may not be a prophet for the nations. However, he shows us that in the beginning he created man and woman in his image. Then I want to show you just in Jeremiah, that not only was he created like you and me. He is sharing with Jeremiah he knew the plans he had for him before he was in his mother’s womb. I know there are many more versus and people in the Bible that tell us about being created, as well as the plans he has for all of us.

Nevertheless, today I pulled that one out from Jeremiah just to show you all. That he created him to do big things in Jeremiah’s time. If you read on you see Jeremiah saying that he is just a young person. Again, I want you to see that God started on his plans for us. Not only in our mother’s womb but his plans were at work as soon as we were born. In our young age. Now, let me share with you my own story at a young age. I pray as you read my story you may see. Gods work in you as well. Now, I was diagnosed at a young age with a vision disability. As I look back it was always rearing its ugly head even before the doctors told my parents. This disability was not found until I was at the age of 11 years old. My family was told at that time. That I had a form of Macular degeneration called Stargardt (a child’s form of Macular degeneration). When the doctor told my dad and mother all they wanted was for the doctors to fix it. Now, they did share that there was no cure for what I had. But there were devices to help me see. So, let me also share. I do love my parents very much. Nevertheless, I say this with a lot of love. My parents do love the Lord. Yes, they took my eye problem before the lord in prayer all the time. Of course, they wanted a miracle. That miracle of course that everyone was praying for was for me to get my 20/20 sight back. Well, today I can say I did not get that miracle. My sight is even worst then at that time. Through the years, I really did not see this but, it was slowly changing for the worst. Today, I sit here in pretty much being totally blind. I now have to say my struggle all of my life and still even today is harder than ever. At a young age my parents I do believe they really did want the best for me. Nevertheless, they had and still have so many problems of their own. That they could not see a way to really help their daughter. They at one point told me. I just needed to be married and someone would take care of me. I laugh today for I am not married. Of course, every little girl dream is to be married. However, that was not at this time the road God had or has for me. I even all my school years all the adults (teachers) would just really share with me. That I was so pretty that I would just meet someone and be cared for. Again, I am laughing for this is not happened. Not true. Now let me share with you as everyone was sharing my married status with me. I told my mother that God had a plan for me. That one day I would make a difference in this world. I do still believe that with all my heart. For let me share with you as I am writing this blog to you all today. And my life is harder than ever I do see God working behind the scenes.  

Today, as I was praying to God and he showed me my Title of my blog. I do believe it was not by chance that I picked that title that day. My struggles that day was just as hard as it always has been. Yet, God said look at the second part of that Title. Not a lone on the journey. Yes, I am physically alone. However, he has walked along side me at every turn and decade.  I have stories to share with the world for his glory. I have shared my story from time to time with people that I do meet. People have said, “You need to write a book to help others”

Currently, my struggles have gotten worse But, as I have been battling with a lot of trials in my life. I do believe it is time to share with the world my story. Still, I do pray people do learn to know that they can make it through anything. That God never promises an easy life for anyone. But, if you put your trust, hope, faith, belief, and seek him out. God! That is. He will make a way for you. God created you and me for so much more. Yes, the struggles for me are hard. Hence, my God is bigger than all of them. The thing I think the most at this point as I do struggle and there are very few people behind me. My God is greater than this world and he is working with me. I do believe as I have shared God knew me before the world did. God has a plan for all. But today, I do know my place in this world is to show the world. You all may have given up on me. However, My Lord and savior has not.  Please, as I do share my story and my struggles. Know your story and struggles are real and true. Yet! Hang on! Hang in there! Know he is working for you to. Just, I pray you see who to have faith in. Even when you feel like nothing is happening. I do believe he is working harder to help you through it. Keep praying and working to see him. Wait on his timing. I say this for me too. However, he will not be a day late or a dollar shy. I do have many stories in the weeks to come to share how he worked it out. For me in the past. I just need to hang on to see what he is doing with me now. I know each time I have seen his work done in my life. It has been better than I have ever thought it could be. I do have many great stories. You do to I am sure. We at times just forget how he made away before.

This walk I am almost totally sure is going to get harder for me. For in the last few years it has but, I will stay faithful and let God do a greater work in me. I know I will not let the world label me. I am here to show you all MY GOD IS IN CONTROL!

I pray today you see this story and come back to hear more about what God is doing in my life. To give him the glory. Also, to show you all. He not only has created you, but his plan is greater than anything the world can promise you.

I love you all and am praying that you hang in there. If you have a struggle of your own. Seek the Lord out. Get that bible out and read it and talk with him. He is waiting on you. I challenge you to pray to him. Prayer does work!  Having faith in the Lord is more powerful than wishing on a star. Blessings to all. 😊

Who The Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed!

Bring your shackles. Bring your stresses of life. Bring your troubles for the world. Bring your sadness. Bring your passion. Bring your treasures. Bring it all to him. Yes, take it to him. He (Jesus) cares for you. Even if you have just a mustard seed of faith. I can tell you that you need to bring it all to Jesus and trust he will move mountains for you and me. He can take it all. He has already taken up the cross for you and me. Give it all up to him. It is time to get ready for the revival. Jesus Christ the king of kings is, coming soon. Just know Jesus is for you and not against you. Give him the Glory no matter what you are facing. Bring it to his feet. God has given his son for you and me. Do it today please do not wait to come to him. Believe God loves you no matter what your physical challenges are. I can only share what I know from the Bible God’s word. He can not lie. His word is alive and active more today then ever. As this world is in a crisis. It is a world Crisis. Just know God is controlling it all. The Government is a part of this world. However, if you are a believer you know that we are in this world but, we are not of this world. We know that God has it all. Yes, because we are a part of the world, we need to follow rules and the law. God wants us to not turn on each other. He just wants us to seek, him out. Today more them ever. Look for his everlasting love. Bring your burdens to the throne. Trust what you cannot see. Faith is walking without sight. Jesus will not stop the troubles of this world. They must happen for his Glory to come. However, if you and everyone around us. Would just look up to him. His mercy will be new. God wants the best for all. That is why he put his own son on the cross. When in the Old Testament we could not follow the law that he gave. He loved and still loves us so much that he Put his son on the cross. God made his perfect son. Suffer for our sins. He knew no one else could take the burdens (sins) of the world. Sit with God today! I know I have troubles of my own today. However, I want to let you know that I do believe God is working. No matter what.  Believe me today my heart is breaking. My dad is not perfect at all. I have my troubles in my family. As we all do. I at this time I cannot go home. I do not drive. Believe me if I did, I would be on the road on the way home to my family. For my dad is extremely sick. He is dying. Yes, he is dying. Thank God no matter how much he is in pain and suffering. No matter how there is no cure for his cancer. No matter how he is crying out for help.  I want you to know HE is giving God and Jesus his son The Glory for it all. The devil I believe is trying to work in his head currently. With all of his pain

I say this because I am not sure what he is hearing in his head. But I am told he is speaking out to God. I am told by my sisters and brother. He just wants prayer as we are in the room with him. As they pray with and over him. There is a peace that over comes him.

Now there may be one of you reading this saying if it is that bad. Then where is your God Now! Believe me he (GOD) is alive and well in that room. We just need to praise God. For I am believing that Jesus loves us so much even in our pain. Currently, the devil is just trying to play with my dad. He is thinking just like you. However, to me and my family this is more of a testimony about how one knows Gods Word and knows to stand on it even more. He my dad is again not perfect. But he is saved and a child of God. No matter what. He has always stood on God’s word. I know this is not fair to see someone you love to be in this much pain. I do not like it at all. Not one bit. However, God is a good God. I have seen God work in so many ways. For he is a way maker. I do believe his will is being done with my dad. I say this because it is amazing to watch someone be in so much pain. And still give love, honor, and Glory to his maker. I have been on the phone with him days and weeks before this. I have had bible talks with him. It is amazing to here him. Keep on sharing the word with me. He does know he has made a lot of sins in this world. For that is not for you and me to judge. For we all have sins. He knows Jesus died for him. I just love how we just talk about the goodness of the Lord.  I do believe even through this time of hard ship. I will turn this time of sadness into a God (Glory story). I see it in a man that is not perfect at all. I watched this man (my dad) love the lord all of his life. I cannot remember a time that he was not sharing the word with someone. So even through this time of hard ship. It shows the power of having faith in The Lord. I do think this is also a lesson for all. What I mean by this is while he is in pain. He also is praising the Lord with his words back to him. So, as I hear and know this what it teaches me is GO SEAK JESUS OUT! GO READ HIS WORD! For when the times get hard. For you do not know how you will leave this earth. IF it will be a painful one like my dad’s. What I can tell you is if you know his word. Then you can put on the armer of God. It is the hardest thing to watch. Watching someone you love to suffer and know there is not one thing you can do. However, my family is doing something. Giving a Hallelujah to The King of Kings! The lord of Lords! The Alpha and the Omega! To Jehovah Gyri! The Messiah! Jesus Christ our Lord and savior! that through it all we will always serve the Lord! Yes! It is hard but it is the truth. God has my dad and all of my family in the palm of his hands. The devil has no place in That home in that family. My brothers and sisters and I are awfully close however, this struggle is allowing us to get even closer. Not only with each other but with Jesus Christ our Lord.

As I write this story today about my dad and my family and the love we have for the Lord. I pray you see it is a story for you to go seek the Lord out. Do not go one more day without giving him Jesus Christ! The Glory for all things. I pray that for you today.

Dear heavenly Father,

I com boldly to your throne. Currently, the Guffanti Family is struggling watching their Father suffer however, I pray that my story that I blog today shows my readers. That no family is perfect. No one will escape the troubles of life. Even during death. But the love you have for your children is endless. Especially, when no matter what is going on, we seek you out. That we first get saved by knowing that your son did die for our sins. Then starting and having a personal relationship with you and your son. Again, we do not become perfect after that but, we try to be more like your son Jesus Christ.  I do know as this is a hard time, I will always Glorify you in the mists of it all. I will see my dad again. Where there is no pain and suffering. There is peace soon for all your children. I just hope this message of hardship if it hits one person. To seek you out then I feel it was just what needed to happen. to bring that person to you. For them to be in your kingdom for the rest of their life.

Please let your will be done with my dad. For I do know you are working better then we could ever do. Even in his suffering.  I do know He loves you (my dad). We thank you for your mercy, and that it is new every day. That also know that you gave us the gift of grace. That we have your word during the good and bad times to stand on.  I do love you. Please Father when you are ready take him home Lord. I will miss him, but I am honored to know I will be there soon. Please stop his suffering for he loves you! We give you the Glory for all that we are going through. Please give my mother the strength to be ok after his passing. For we are not a perfect family however, we will serve you all of the days of our lives. I love you Lord! Thank you for your son. Yes! Who the Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed! Thank you 😊


In your son’s name Jesus Christ, we pray Amen!

I leave you today with this bible verse from Jeremiah 29:11-14

11 For I know the plans I have for you”—this is the Lord’s declaration— “plans for your well-being, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. 12 You will call to me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you”—this is the Lord’s declaration—“and I will restore your fortunes[a] and gather you from all the nations and places where I banished you”—this is the Lord’s declaration. “I will restore you to the place from which I deported you.”


Today’s Ramble However, A Blessed One!

Today, is just a Ramble on blog. I am sure I will have you thinking at the end of today’s post.  Did you ever think what if this or that? Well, I do not do much of the what if game. For me it makes no sense to play that game.  I know that there are cards that I have been dealt. I am always thinking how do I move forward. With the cards I have been given, for my life.

I as a believer in Jesus Christ. I know it says in the Bible I was never promised an easy life.  That every day I must die to self. That I need to be more like Gods son Jesus Christ. I need to decrease so Jesus can increase in my life. John (3:30), Now, because we are here on earth we are faced with a sinful world. I try not to be like the world is. Because, I am taught by Gods word. That I am in the world but not of this world, Romans (12:12). This may all be a cliche to a non-believer however, as you have read: I am a believer in Jesus Christ.

I do believe he came to save you and me from the sins of the world. I pray as you do read my blogs. If you do not have belief in him you, do seek him out. For I really cannot do anything with out him by my side. As you all have read in the past. I do have a big struggle in my life and life is hard for everyone. nevertheless, I know there is a purpose for it all. I may not see why this or that is happening. I do know it will all workout in Gods timing for his glory for those who are called for him and love him. Romans (8:28), tells me this and I do stand on this truth. Now you may be saying “Okay that is good but where is she going with all of this.”

Remember, at the beginning of this blog. I said, “this is a ramble blog.”  Even though I said that I know that I am writing today for my life has meaning and purpose.  And, you may be asking yourself the same, “where did I go wrong and do, I have a purpose for my life.”  You may not see it with all of what the world is going through.  However, I am not sure which way it is going.

Do I think doors are opening? Yes! So here is what I say to myself and God each day. Okay, I start out with. 1. I woke up today so, God has a plan for me. So, let’s go God. 😉 2. Did I sleep in a clean bed and have a roof over my head. Yes! So, lets go God. 😊 3. can I take a shower and do I have clean clothes to wear? Yes! So, let’s go God. 😊 5. Do I have food to eat. Yes! So again, let’s go God. 😊 4. Are all my bills paid for today. Yes! So, let’s go God. 😊 6. Is anyone after me for anything today? Thank God NO! so again, let’s go God. Now, with all, I must be thankful to God. Know that my struggles are still hard and real.  However, God has all my needs taken care of for today, and he tells us in his word we are not promised tomorrow. This is in Mathew (6:34). You may even want this or that as I do too. But he does not promise all your wants will be given to you. Hence, he said he will meet all your needs. He is a loving God. He wants the best for you and me. So, after I have in the morning gone through my list. I give him praises for all. That he has done for me. Also, that he blesses me. He is not only my heavenly Father, that he even through my faults. Loves me unconditionally. That he is the best resource and my source for everything.

That he gives me grace. That is a gift that we cannot earn. Grace is a gift you receive. When and only when you trust in his son. That you believe that God gave his only son for the sins of the world (our sins). Grace is not and never will be something you can buy or work for. It is again, a gift from God. John (3:16). Once you take that gift and know, no matter what life brings your way. You are his child and all the promises of the bible are yours for the taken. However, one must start to learn to change their heart to be more like his (God’s) son (Jesus Christ). All it takes at first is a mustard seed of faith. Just a little prayer to him. Even asking him to help you be able to read his word each day for because, the only way to get to know him, God, and his son Jesus Christ. Is to read his word seeking him out. Just like you have a good friend that you may get coffee with. Start talking to him and reading his word. Like you get coffee with a good friend. You can even go get your coffee by yourself. However, not really being alone take your bible with your morning coffee. Sit with him and talk to him. Let him be your best friend. He will talk to you. The only way he talks to you and me is by reading his word. You must seek him out. He will be your best friend even better than your so-called best friend now. Remember, life will not automatically change where you have a so-called better life. Nevertheless, God and his son will make sure he is with you all the rest of your days. Again, your needs will always be met. Even if you let him go for a while. Just know he does not leave us or for sake us. Then watch. Your life will change for the better. Will you still have troubles, struggles, life issues, will or could you get sick and need care for your sickness. Yes, and this is because we live in a fallen world. However, he will make sure he helps you through it. Know also do not ask for your will to be done. This may puzzle you right now. But let me break this down for you as well. I have learned in time while walking with God and Jesus Christ.  He tells us that his ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. Isaiah, (5:8-9) If you just trust in his word. He promises that he will make a better life for you and me. then we could ever imagine. Yes! The struggles will be hard. As you read his word. Look at all the people that believed in him. They did not have it easy either. He shows you how he worked/blessed for them. So, we are blessed to have a Bible to go to. To see all that he did before us, Hey, did you also know he cannot lie. Numbers (23:19) If he did it for Noah, Jobe, Joseph, Moses, Rahab, Ruth, Ester, Peter, Paul, The Blind Man, the man at the pool of Bethesda, and so many others. Did you even know Jesus had no sins and he was perfect? He had struggles for sure. He is the one that came to save the world. That even blows my mind. I say that because, would you give your child to save the world. I am sure Not! So, if got did it for them and gave his son for all that we did wrong. Why or how could you not think (trust, believe, have faith) he will do for us.

Why would God not do it for us. Moreover, just think about this. This is even better news. We even have a play book (The Bible) to see what he did for them. They did not have that knowledge. Yes! God did speak to some of them during that time. Still we, I feel we have the best play book.

So, at this time, I will stop my ramble. To give you this. Just know as I tell you this, I need these words as well. I will be reading my own words back to me. He is real,true,  and in control of everything. Just give him a try. I can only promise you this because, I do have faith and trust in him. He will take you places you could never imagine. I hope my words give you a little faith to go seek him out. I can only share my struggles with you so, you can see his Glory.  I really have to say I do not like my struggles nevertheless, I would not have it any other way. For I do believe I am being used by him to tell you all. No matter the issues. I see the glory in my life. I am proud to let the world know I Live for his Glory. I pray my testimony shows the work that he has done in for to help others believe in his son (Jesus Christ). Please, take that leap of faith. What do you have to lose by doing so? He will show up not a day late or a dollar shy. Know again it is in his timing.  Which I do know it is the best timing I hope this gave you something to think about today. Moreover, you love to come to love him like I do. 😊 my God be the Glory!


Dear heavenly Father,

I come boldly to you today. Asking that as my readers read my rambled-on blog. They see you more then they see me. that your words are real and true. That as this world is falling even more. I pray even before it is too late for them to seek you out. My readers find you. That they come to read your word. And fall in love with Jesus just like I have. That no matter their trials. You as I know you do. You will show up for them. They will read John (3:16) and pray it into their life. I pray they really get it down in their soul. Thank you for all that you are doing in my life. Even when it is hard to see what you are doing. I know you are working behind the scenes. To show your glory in my life. As well, as the readers that do believe in your son Jesus Christ.

I pray all of this in your son’s name.

In Jesus Christ Amen!